Get Lost in a Simpsons Themed Corn Maze

August 18, 2014

Fox 11

Fox 11

CHILTON – Most people are not looking forward to the end of summer but for the Meuer Farm, they are anxiously waiting for fall.

Corn maze season starts in September and it is the busiest time of year for the Meuer Farm.
They started planing in February to get “The Simpsons” themed maze just right. The maze has two phases that have a total of around three miles of paths.

As long as you are up to date on Simpson trivia, getting through the maze shouldn’t be too difficult.

David Meuer of Meuer Farms said, “We have our clue signs in the maze here, numbered 1 through 10, and then we have our passports which are sheets that are trivia questions, different categories, and of course this year one of our categories will be the Simpsons, so we are going to test your Simpsons knowledge as you are going through the maze.”

The corn maze opens September 12th.

For more information on the maze, click here for the Meuer Farm website.

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