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Here's the dirt on our caves!

Ledge View has caves. These natural holes in dolomitic limestone bedrock were formed first by groundwater, then additionally by meltwater from the Wisconsinan glacier thousands of years ago. A lot of sediment came in with the meltwater, too, and some of it's still here.

Coming to visit?

Cave tours start in April and end in November. A guided public tour is offered most weekends and some weekdays through the summer. Tour size is limited: please make a reservation. Our recommended minimum age is five years old accompanied by a parent for the Carolyn's tour (8 years old with parent for the Carolyn's/Mothers Cave tour). Caving visitors should come prepared for ladders, dirt, puddles, uneven floors, temperatures ranging from mid 40s to mid 60sF, and darkness: wear layered old clothes and shoes that can get dirty, a knit cap to protect your head from bumps, and bring a flashlight. But you won't be going in alone. As part of the nature center's mission to educate, all cave tours are guided. You'll learn about the geology as well as the biology of the cave. Private group tours can also be reserved.

We hope you would like to get dirty...

It is possible to stay clean on one of our cave tours, but are you sure you want to? You'll be missing out on the best part: Visitors will be given the opportunity to explore passages during the tour, and this means getting down and dirty!