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We are the Supper Club Capital of the Midwest® and we encourage you to bring your appetite and find out why! If you don't know what a 'supper club' is, it is a traditional dining establishment that also functions, or has had a history of functioning, as a social club. In the 1930's and 40's these clubs were considered 'high class' yet affordable. They allowed a group of friends to go to the establishment for cocktails, dinner and entertainment. By today's standards they're viewed as 'a lot of good food and fun for a few hours work', even if most no longer provide entertainment. Supper clubs are unique to the rural areas in the Upper Midwestern part of the United States, and most common in Wisconsin.

Check out our Resources page for a brochure or map of our fine supper clubs. If you are more interested in hand made ice cream, pizza, or a family style meal, be sure to scan through the complete list of dining opportunities below.

Supper Club
Altona Supper Club
2306 Calumet Drive, New Holstein
(920) 898-5255    Website | Map

Cobblestone Creek
740 W. Ryan Street, Brillion
(920) 756-3214    Website | Map

Gobbler's Knob Supper Club
101 N. Military Road, Stockbridge
(920) 439-1265    Map

Little Chicago
N9650 Friendship Drive, Kaukauna
(920) 462-4393    Website | Map

Roepke's Village Inn
W2686 St. Charles Road, Chilton
(920) 849-4000    Website | Map

Schmitz Brothers 2
58 S. 8th Street, Hilbert
(920) 853-3015    Map

Schwarz's Supper Club
W1688 Sheboygan Road, New Holstein
(920) 894-3598    Website | Map

The Granary
N586 Military Road, Sherwood
(920) 989-1233    Website | Map

The Red Ox Seafood and Steakhouse
2318 S. Oneida Street, Appleton
(920) 830-4121    Website | Map

Bar & Grill
7 Corners Bar & Restaurant
W505 Fur Farm Road, New Holstein
(920) 898-4702    Map

Braun's Deer Run Golf Course and Restaurant
912 Fairway Drive, Brillion
(920) 875-0544    Map

Buffalo Wild Wings
3201 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 733-9464    Website | Map

26 N. State Street, Chilton
(920)849-3058    Map

Cimarron Bar & Grill
W7170 Highway 10/114, Menasha
(920) 733-3125    Website | Map

Countryside Bar & Grill
W5302 State Road 114, Menasha
920-989-1155    Map

Curve Inn
249 E. Main Street, Chilton
(920) 849-2086    Map

Ethel's Pub & Grill
300 N. Main Street, Brillion
(920) 524-2169    Map

Ethel's Pub & Grill
100 W. Main Street, Chilton
(920) 849-4949    Map

Fat Sammy's
2500 S. Oneida Street, Appleton
(920) 730-0535    Map

Fish Tail Inn
W5636 County Road EE, Hilbert
(920) 439-1565    Map

Gene and Helen's Bar
375 Main Street, Potter
(920) 853-3804    Map

Hackers Pub at Sherwood Forest Golf Club
N580 Robinhood Drive, Sherwood
(920) 989-3400    Website | Map

Whether you are looking for the perfect spot to stop for a burger and beer after a round of golf or simply a place to relax and unwind with family and friends - Hacker's Pub at Sherwood Forest GC is the place to be! You will be impressed with our bright and cheerful atmosphere. Watching your favorite sporting event will be no problem on one of our six flat screen TVs. If sitting outside enjoying your favorite refreshment is more of what you are looking for, then you will enjoy our beautiful deck overlooking the 9th green. This is the perfect spot to talk about your round or to heckle friends as they finish up on the course.

Harbor Bar & Grill
1919 W. Lake Street, Chilton
(920) 439-1450    Website | Map

Come and enjoy the beautiful view of the sunsets over the lake from our outside deck or by the warmth of the inside fireplace! Live music on the deck in summer (dates and times in the picture below) and scrumptious Friday night fish dinners all year round. And while you're enjoying a cocktail or bite to eat, you might get lucky and catch a glimpse of one of the local eagles catching his next meal.

Hickory Hills Country Club
W3095 Hickory Hills Road, Chilton
(920) 849-2912    Website | Map

Jeanne's Bar & Grill
N302 Military Road, Sherwood
(920) 989-2470    Map

Kazzmo's Kitchen & Spirits
105 N. Military Road, Stockbridge
(920) 981-4028    Website | Map

Kings Korner
2000 Main Street, New Holstein
(920) 898-1999    Map

Lake Park Pub
N8904 Lake Park Road, Menasha
(920)739-1901    Map

Neighborhood Pub & Grill
N5091 County Road BB, Chilton
(920) 849-3799    Map

Official's Den Bowl & Spirits
408 N. 8th Street, Hilbert
(920) 853-7131    Website | Map

Pete's Fishermans Inn
N2197 Highway 151, Chilton
(920) 849-2460    Map

Pla-Mor Lanes
260 E. Main Street, Chilton
(920) 849-2131    Website | Map

Quinney Quencher
W5626 Quinney Road, Chilton
(920) 439-1341    Map

Randy's Central
115 Jackson Street, Brillion
(920) 756-3200    Website | Map

Schumacher's Shanty
101 S. Military Road, Stockbridge
(920) 439-1232    Map

Scotty's Bar & Grill
205 N. 8th Street, Hilbert
(920) 853-3053    Map

Stage Coach Bar & Grill
310 E. Main Street, Chilton
(920) 849-8321    Map

Stone Toad Bar & Grill
1109 S. Oneida Street, Menasha
(920) 882-3900    Website | Map

Study Hall Grille & Bar
313 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 733-3309    Website | Map

Sunset Cafe and Bar
N4475 Ledge Road, Chilton
(920) 439-1495    Website | Map

The Outpost Pub & Provisions
The Outpost Pub & Provisions
N606 Knight Drive, Sherwood WI
(920) 894-3484    Website | Map

The Outpost Pub & Provisions is a sports bar and grill in Sherwood. The Outpost has a rustic log cabin look with a north woods feel inside. We are open 7 days a week from 11am until close. Our location is on Hwy 114 & 55 on just behind VERVE Credit Union.

Outposts menu includes a variety of items including everything from appetizers, burgers (Elk & Bison also), sandwiches, salads, pizzas as well as Friday fish frys. Stop or call in to take home as well.

The private party room and menu may be just the thing for your special birthday, wedding, family reunion or Christmas party. Check it out the spacious room.

For your entertainment we offer, music with bands, singing, entertainment and DJ's as requested from Sept through May.

Twitch's Bar & Grill
306 N. Main Street, Brillion
(920)524-2199    Map

Two of a Kind
W3220 Dundas Road, Kaukauna
(920) 766-7106    Map

Waverly Beach
N8770 Firelane 1, Menasha
(920) 733-9721    Website | Map

7 Angels Restaurant
128 E. Chestnut Street, Chilton
(920) 849-2125    Website | Map

Darboy Club
N9695 County Road N, Appleton
(920) 734-7010    Website | Map

Eagles Club
1041 E. Chestnut Street, Chilton
(920) 849-9223    Map

Hilde's Deli & Bakery
24 W. Main Street, Chilton
(920) 849-4005    Map

Joe's Texas BBQ
N378 Military Road, Sherwood
(920) 989-0239    Map

Korner Kitchen
1305 Milwaukee Drive, New Holstein
(920) 898-4941    Website | Map

Marko's Smoking BBQ
910 W. Ryan Street, Brillion
(920) 851-0903    Website | Map

Mary's Family Restaurant
2106 S. Oneida Street, Appleton
(920) 733-1546    Map

Mohnen's Family Restaurant
W5669 County Road KK, Appleton
(920) 832-8770    Website | Map

Papa Don's Pizzeria & Buffet
613 E. Calumet Street, Chilton
(920) 849-3043    Map

Railway Junction Restaurant
N8914 State Highway 57, Forest Junction
(920) 989-3150    Map

Rudy's Cafe
117 W. Ryan Street, Brillion    Map

T's Diner & Catering
N6403 State Highway 57, Hilbert
(920) 853-3225    Website | Map

The Fork & Dagger Ale Haus
901 Fremont Street, Kiel
(920) 286-6500    Website | Map

Village Hearthstone
326 W. Main Street, Hilbert
(920) 853-3013    Website | Map

Village Inn Pizza Family Restaurant
1706 Wisconsin Avenue, New Holstein
(920) 898-4045    Website | Map

Homemade pizza, charcoal grilled steak sandwich, broasted chicken, subs and Cedar Crest Ice Cream and much more! Open 10:30am daily. Meeting/party room available (25 capacity).

China Garden
4055 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 380-0058    Map

El Camino's Mexican Restaurant
911 Calumet Street, Kiel
(920) 894-3484    Map

Golden China Buffet
1701 Wisconsin Avenue, New Holstein
(920) 898-9252    Map

Hunan Chinese
116 S. Main Street, Brillion
(920) 756-2656    Map

King Wok
1106 E. Chestnut Street, Chilton
(920) 849-2044    Map

Lupita's Bar and Grill (inside Lupita's Mexican Store)
251 E. Main Street, Chilton
(920) 849-3039    Website | Map

Mr. Taco
107 S. 8th Street, Hilbert    Map

Palenque Mexican Restaurant
W573 Castle Drive, Sherwood
(920) 507-0096    Map

T.J. Thai Sushi and Japanese Steakhouse
4029 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 831-8330    Website | Map

Teriyaki Express
1717 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 996-9999    Map

Mud Creek Coffee
106 S. Military Road, Stockbridge
(920) 439-1096    Website | Map

Terra Verde Organic Coffee
Terra Verde Organic Coffee
507 N. Madison Street, Chilton
(920) 849-9050    Website | Map

We invite you to experience the world of fresh roasted, specialty organically grown, fair trade and direct trade coffee. Our coffee is carefully selected, sampled for quality and consistency. We roasted the coffee to its own unique “sweet spot” to allow it to show the true flavors of the hard work of their producers. Terra Verde also creates a wonderful menu that will make your mouth water. A taste from all corners of the world come directly from our kitchen. We strive to bring you the best in service while remaining social and environmentally responsible. Come join us and enjoy free WIFI in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

The Chubby Seagull
N7721 State Park Road, Sherwood WI
(920) 989-4855    Map

Cold Treats
2000 S. Oneida Street, Appleton
(920) 738-6109    Website | Map

Frogg's Ice Cream
N370 Military Road, Sherwood
(920) 749-1672    Website | Map

Scoops Ice Cream House
131 E. Chestnut Street, Chilton
(920) 849-2520    Map

Cupcake Celebration
42 W. Main Street, Chilton
(920) 810-5901    Map

Toasty Oven Bake Shoppe
W2360 Kiel Road, New Holstein    Map

Amish bakery.

Fast Food
3801 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 993-9999    Website | Map

3709 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 735-6513    Website | Map

Big Apple Bagels
2400 S. Kensington Drive, Appleton
(920) 733-3320    Website | Map

3631 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 733-7700    Website | Map

DQ Grill & Chill
521 N. Glenview Avenue, Brillion
(920) 756-3737    Website | Map

DQ Grill & Chill
621 N. Madison Street, Chilton
(920) 849-9379    Website | Map

Visit your local Chilton Dairy Queen at 621 N. Madison St. for some hot food, cool treats and good eats!

Grab a $5.00 Buck Lunch Special from 11-4pm. You can choose from a ¼ GrillBurger, 3-piece Chicken Strip or a Chili Cheese Dog lunch. All meals come with fries, a drink and a small Sundae. You have the option to upgrade from a small Sundae to a small Blizzard for a dollar more.

Treat yourself right and come check out our different Blizzard, Orange Julius and Smoothie flavors. We also have our different flavors of Royal Treats, Sundaes, Novelties, Waffle Bowls and Cones.

We also have a great selection of cakes to celebrate any occasion! You can specially order one at our store or take a pre-designed one home today.

Little Caesar's
51 S. 8th Street, Hilbert
(920)871-4018    Map

Little Caesars
317 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 731-2222    Website | Map

2001 S. Kensington Drive, Appleton
(920) 739-0501    Website | Map

570 W. Ryan Street, Brillion
(920) 756-2001    Website | Map

1123 E. Chestnut Street, Chilton
(920)849-7383    Website | Map

Noodles & Company
3719 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 830-7887    Website | Map

Papa John's
4055 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 993-7272    Website | Map

Pizza King
1717 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 731-3234    Website | Map

Qdoba Mexican Grill
3813 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 968-0077    Website | Map

3825 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 749-0938    Website | Map

W6141 County Road KK, Appleton
(920) 380-3750    Website | Map

452 W. Ryan Street, Brillion
(920) 756-5315    Website | Map

810 S. Irish Road, Chilton
(920) 849-4851    Website | Map

2305 Calumet Drive, New Holstein
(920) 898-1344    Website | Map

W471 Veterans Avenue, Sherwood
(920) 989-1995    Website | Map

3701 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 738-0524    Website | Map

Tom's Drive-In
3301 E. Calumet Street, Appleton
(920) 739-1649    Website | Map

3300 S. Oneida Street, Appleton
(920) 202-3890    Website | Map